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Do you have a relevant article that our website viewers may find useful? If so, we’d be happy to publish it for you. Before submitting an article, however, please review our requirements and fees.


  • 1,500 – 3,500 words
  • Comprehensive coverage of a topic
  • Grammatically correct and typo-free
  • Sources must be cited or linked to at each reference point
  • Adhere to proper sentence and paragraph structure
  • Break-up content accordingly for readability and use headers where necessary


  1. $25 article review fee*
  2. $75 article processing fee**

*Article review fee is a non-refundable expense to cover the cost of having our team assess the quality of the content you submit; ensuring it meets our aforementioned requirements. Low-quality, substance-lacking content is rejected. Authors are notified via email if their content is not accepted.

**Article processing fee is a second expense to cover the cost of having our team publish your approved content on our website. Unapproved content authors get this sum refunded. Authors are notified via email when their content goes live.

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