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Papcsy Janosov Roche Trial Lawyers in New York, NY

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Personal Injury
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Donald Papcsy
Devin Janosov
David Roche

About Papcsy Janosov Roche Trial Lawyers

A traumatic injury will produce unfathomable physical, emotional and financial consequences for victims, whether caused by misfortune or malpractice. Our law firms in New York City, at Papcsy Janosov Roche, relieve the emotional burden of making a claim and arguing with insurance providers so that consumers can recover in peace. Although we are unable to undo the pain and suffering caused by a car accident or the incompetence of a doctor, we make it our mission to get consumers the coverage they need to cover medical care, missed jobs, trauma therapy and related future needs. We seek matters aggressively in court where talks are not enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of drug charges are felonies that result in large fines and time in prison. Any criminal conviction will make it impossible to get a job in the future, in addition to a lengthy prison term. Even minor charges will be on your criminal record for possession of a small amount of marijuana and will be viewed by future employers.

Those that were not at fault but injured by someone else’s faults can also be entitled to compensation since the law allows victims of personal injury to recover damages and compensation for their injuries. It is important to know your rights in the event of a related injury, whether you are in a car or motorcycle accident, whether you have suffered a slip and fall, dog bite or any form of personal injury.

When advised by a lawyer skilled in driving under the influence protection, possible defenses in any given DUI, DWI or Drunk Driving case are plentiful. If the arrest is for alcohol, narcotics or a marijuana DUI, some of the most fruitful attack areas include rights violations, no evidence, or insufficient evidence.

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Attempting to get someone to suggest a skilled personal injury attorney in the New York, NY area for logical legal guidance? If so, we have great news as Papcsy Janosov Roche Trial Lawyers is a trusted law firm in the city. Not only do they offer personal injury advice, they also have years of experience in family law, car accidents, dui, and criminal defense. Speak with Papcsy Janosov Roche Trial Lawyers right away at (877) 835-4983 or go online and visit their website to book a meeting to get a review of your situation. If traveling to a meeting, you’ll locate their place of business at 260 Madison Avenue 8th Floor (Located on East Ave, just south of Westport Ave).