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Did You Know Arizona Has Some of the Strictest DUI Laws in the Country

When it comes to a first-time driving under the influence (DUI) conviction, Arizona drivers might feel that the police are tough. Turns out, those emotions are valid.

WalletHub compared DUI penalties around the country, and in the United States, Arizona has the strictest DUI laws based on their methodology.

Findings in depth

Arizona earned the honor as one of the most strict states because of these laws:

In Arizona, what are the fines and minimum prison sentences for first DUI?

Lawyer Farm - Arizona DUI Penalties

First-time DUI convictions in Arizona receive a prison sentence of 10 days and a minimum fine of $750. In fact, another compilation of DUI laws in the U.S. noted that when it comes to how strict the state is against first-time criminals, Arizona tops the list.

For a second arrest for DUI in Arizona, what are the fines and minimum prison sentences?

The second convictions include a prison sentence of 90 days and a minimum fine of $1,750. Other states, however, mandate a period of 180 days for second-time inmates to remain in prison.

When is a DUI an automatic offense in Arizona and how do sanctions affect the time between DUIs?

Third crimes are an instant offense in Arizona. In this respect, certain states are tougher, where an automatic felony is a second offense. In Arizona, a former DUI effects a new DUI if they are within seven years of each other.

How long is the suspension of your Arizona driver’s license?

In Arizona, mandatory license suspensions can last for at least 90 days. License suspension may last for a period of 360 days in Georgia, which ranked No. 2.

Will your car be impounded after an arrest in Arizona for DUI?

The typical outcome in Arizona is yes.

Is a system for ignition interlock required in Arizona and for how long?

That is with a first arrest and a 0.08 or higher concentration of blood alcohol (BAC). In Arizona, the required duration is 12 months.

For a high BAC, are there extra penalties in Arizona?

Lawyer Farm - Arizona DUI Level of Intoxication

For DUI violations in which you have a BAC of 0.15 or better, Arizona has stricter punishments.

Are mandatory tests of alcohol required in Arizona?

In Arizona, you betcha!

What is the typical drop in the insurance premium after an Arizona DUI?

Arizona drivers’ insurance premiums following a conviction will decrease by an average of 37 percent. But in some states, much like Connecticut, rates may decrease by up to 100 percent.

Will the state of Arizona cover or use sobriety checkpoints for child endangerment?

Arizona has a child threat clause for DUI violations which uses sobriety checkpoints.


Although Arizona is also not as harsh as Utah when it comes to the minimum BAC limit for a DUI, the sanctions, including for a first-time error, are extremely strict. It is also worth noting that minimum penalties can be shortened or waived in Arizona, unlike some other states, with a commitment to conduct community service or to undergo alcohol therapy and/or education.

For this cause, the distinction between a fair sentence and uniquely harsh punishments may be that of providing an offensive defense.